How to Clean Your Waist Training Corset

It is of the importance to clean your waist trainer regularly to maintain a pleasant experience as possible. It’s clear to all of us that sweat can occur when we undertake physical activities, and this is followed by odors that are not that pleasing. A majority of people don’t know how to clean and take care of their corsets properly and that can end up being a disaster as one may pretty much damage it if they do it wrong.

Here are three simple rules to observe:

1. Don’t ever clean your waist training corset using a washing machine

Almost every corset contains latex. As such, machine washing such a corset will cause the latex in it to melt. Aside from that, the chemicals used when machine-washing will also damage the latex.

2. Leave it to dry for 2 to 4 hours

Latex is a natural material that will rot if it not well dried. On top of that, water will discolor and destroy the latex. With this therefore in mind, ensure to leave your latex corset to dry properly for 2 to 4 hours before usage.

3. Never use a sponge

Use a soft towel to scrub the latex waist line as opposed to using a using a sponge. This is because scrubbing latex with sponge will destroy it.

How to do it appropriately

Get a basin of hot water, a towel and soft soap (shampoo will do fine). Pour a small amount of soap and water your towel and gently rub the towel onto the latex. After you are done washing every part of your corsets, it is necessary that you leave it to dry. Use a towel to quicken the drying process by wiping off the majority of water. You can also use your hair dryer on the lightest setting or some baby powder as well.


If put out in the sunlight for a very long period of time, latex materials can be discolored. Therefore, always keep corsets into a dark wardrobe after cleaning and drying them. See to it that that you do not have any other clothes/garments touching the waist trainer when it is drying as it may stain them. As such, please always remember to keep those white clothes and garments far away from your waist training corset as you can. Don’t keep any leather materials near your corset when drying as leather can as well damage the latex.


Latex is a very sensitive material and waist training corsets should therefore be treated with utmost care for them to have the maximal possible lifetime. If you observe these three basic rules and as well as this small guide, you’ll be able retain a corset that is clean and with its natural color.

Your waist trainer can last a lifetime if you keep and follow the rules that have been laid out for you in this article. Be gentle when cleaning it, keep its color, don’t machine-wash and let it dry properly. You now are prepared to clean your latex waist training corset efficiently and fast. Have fun and look amazing!

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