Waist Training 101 – Everything You Need to Know

waist training 101The standard of beauty for most countries include a perfect symmetrical face and the hourglass figure body. According to universal standards, the most coveted body measurement is the 36-24-36 figure.

But who actually has it? Beyonce maybe, or Jennifer Lopez, or maybe Scarlett Johannson? These celebrities have been considered to be the sexiest and most beautiful people in the world – mainly because of their incredible faces and undeniably gorgeous hourglass figures.

But did you know you can also achieve the ultimate figure 8 body without going under the knife or slaving away at the gym? One of the most controversial personalities today actually uses this very same tool to achieve that unbelievably smoking body.

After giving birth to her first child, Kim Kardashian bounced back with an incredibly ridiculous hot body. Did she spend every waking moment at the gym? Or did she immediately went under the knife after giving birth? The answers to these questions are a big N-O.

Kim Kardashian’s secret to her ridiculously small waistline is waist trainers.

Let’s take a look at what it is, how it works, what to expect, and what to look for when buying your very first trainers.

What are Waist Training Corsets?

Waist training corsets are also known as waist cinchers. They are mostly made of Latex fabric with steel boning but some are made of nylon or neoprene, but the boning used is always made of steel.

They are created specifically to reduce a person’s waistline from 1 to 5 inches, depending on the tightness of the trainer. It must be noted that they are entirely different from corsets.

The latter were made popular during Victorian times and they were highly controversial because of their restricting nature. In fact, numerous cases of women fainting while donning them were recorded in history. Corsets were made to produce an unrealistic waistline in women, as it was meant not just to create an illusion of a smaller waist, but also to suppress women during those times.

The Victorian era was highly controversial for the stance on women and the corset was made to restrict the woman’s movement while out and about in society. Waist trainers are actually based on the corset but its purpose is entirely different.

While corsets are used instantly to cinch the waistline temporarily, waist trainers are actually used over a long period of time to achieve a certain goal – which is naturally reducing the wearer’s waistline such that even without the use of these trainers, the user’s waist measurement remains small.

Trainers are used in a process of waist reduction and are specifically created to be comfortable, and to provide the user with a list of benefits that target the natural process of reducing the waistline.

achieve a smaller waist

Benefits of Waist Training

As mentioned, trainers are worn over time to achieve the goal of a semi-permanent reduction in the waist circumference of the wearer. The benefits are far from just aesthetics and are deeply rooted in a wearer’s desire to dramatically reduce the waistline even without the help of cinching tools.

The benefits include:

>Post pregnancy body restoration – to help women who’ve just given birth get back their body pre-pregnancy.

>Improved posture and back support – for women suffering from poor posture and back pain, trainers are a great way to force the body to straighten and ease the job of the spine. Proper posture is a conscious effort for many and it’s tiring for those who slouch. Trainers hold the body up, forcing the torso and spine to straighten for that undeniably beautiful posture.

>Lowers Calorie Intake – because the stomach is cinched in, wearers do not have the ability to consume large portions of food. In a way, wearing trainers can help you lose weight because you’ll be eating smaller portions of meals.

>Burns Belly Fat – wearing trainers means having a heavy piece of garment worn so close to the skin. This creates a thermogenesis effect on the body, which is the body’s natural way of heating up. This promotes perspiration, and helps to get rid of toxins and impurities from the belly – leading to a naturally reduced waistline.

Though waist trainers give you an instantly smaller waistline by simply wearing them, you won’t get the results if you continue to lead a poor diet and lifestyle. To get the best results of using trainers, you must also lead a healthy lifestyle with proper food choices and exercise.

Tips to Buying and Much More

If you want to learn more about waist training, read our detailed guide on waist trainer corsets. It has all the information you will need and will answer all of your questions.



If you want to achieve an instant reduction in your waist circumference, with the goal of semi-permanently reducing your waistline, trainers are the easiest, fastest, and safest way to do it.

If you’re planning on wearing a body con dress for a date tonight, then trainers will absolutely cinch your waist to create the appearance of a curvier body.

Trainers are not for everyone, though, as they require a lot of patience, time, and commitment to truly work for your body. if you want instant curves, a beautiful posture, and the body that will turn heads, then waist trainers are definitely for you.

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